Sing a song of america
Once she was a young girl with her heart on fire
Born in the dust of the magic of history
It all goes on yeah the dream goes on

Streets of gold
Streets of wonder
Streets of people growing stronger
Revolution and voices of thunder
It's a
New world, new people
New dreams for all of the children
Young country, new love
New dreams of freedom

And it all goes on
Yes it all goes on
And it all goes on
In america
In america

In the streets of america
Back in the summer of '85
I met a young girl, her heart was in flames
Jenny bowen was her name
She was a california girl
War had changed her whole world
Her daddy died in vietnam
She lost her husband in lebanon
She was drivin' back to washington
To get a medal for the job they'd done
From the president of the united fuckin' states of america

And she saw hungry people in the streets
Young mothers who could not eat
Oh I remember american dreams
We've all talked of american dreams

And it all goes on
Yes the dreams go on
And it all goes on
In america
In america
In america
In america

Something's happening in america
Can you feel it? Can you feel it comin'?
It's like the green party in germany
Young people with visions and dreams
In nicaragua n' chile, poland and south africa
Freedom brewing, it's an uphill dream

Don't be afraid of anything
Don't be afraid of anyone

Young men are dreaming and
Young girls believing
And asking questions like

Where are the frontiers?
How do I get there?
There are no maps, there are no roads
Just you and me on these streets of gold

And it all goes on
Yes it all goes on
And it all goes on
And on and on and on and on and on
And on and on and on
Streets of america
Streets of america... Go on
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America Lyrics

KBC Band – America Lyrics

Songwriters: MARTY BALIN
America lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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