Daughter of the moon
My only love
What childhood dreams
Are woven of

The thought of seeing you soon
Controls my mind
But suddenly
You are hard to find

My spirit's high
Esteem is low
Where you've gone
I do not know

Daughter of the moon
Your ray of light
Will guide me back
To your heart each night

Daughter of the moon
Without a trace
In every cloud
I can see her face

Saw her when I knew
No tribal law

I still don't care
About them at all

There's no defending
What they do
Keeping me
Away from you

Daughter of the moon
A spark of light
Could drive me back
To your heart tonight

Your wise men fear
They're in decline
The spirits are
No match for brine

See the mustang
Wave it's manes
Roaming freely
'Cross the plains

Daughter of the moon
It's only right
That I can be
In your arms tonight
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Daughter Of The Moon Lyrics

Kayak – Daughter Of The Moon Lyrics