1st off smile on ur face... wipe it ryt off
They scared of how I "rap" around these suckerz lyk a tight watch
Used 2 be a kid... nigga all grown up
Just a little fuse now a nigga all blown up
Errtym I closed ma eyes I jux seemed 2 imagine
A chained up nigga in hoody n jewels flashin
Used 2 be mad cos a nigga style wack n shit
People sae u sik but u kno u aint feelin it
Nigga sed 2 me "aint no reason 2 be sad"
"lets roll I'll make u spit lyk a pregnant bitch tasted sumn bad"
He sed ma swag wud be on mars fuk appolo
Jux follow ma way n I aint talkn bout carlito
I thought it waz only imagination so wateva yo
Joined forces wit da nigga since err 2G4...
Now 2G5 errytym I hear rap now a nigga feelin high
Goose bumps on ma hand 2 a normal life sed bye
2 a life of demons n cages da devil sed hi
2G9 wat da nigga sed starts
Made "swag it out" and all da homies take part
Tried 2 close ma eyes n I see dat black nigga agen
Sed... "u happy now?"... I sed "naah bruh think agen"
Den he sed..."cuz... be careful wat u ask 4"
"wanna be da best rapper open up big doors"
"big contracts illuminated by da light"
"man ur heart myt be strong but ur soul's 2 light"
Boy u don't kno wat I been through
Still stand strong probably die if it been u...
Neva been a bitch on ma part...
Neva been a "fag" nigga diz shxt "straight" 4rm da heart
Tired hearing niggaz sayn... okay kay dead
He's a shxt rapper so he backed out... he's scared
Sayn I'm dead's lyk askin a bowlegged cripple with no feet 2 motherfukn crib walk
Now I aint sayn I'm all dat ma swag talks
So I'll cause an epidemik jux when I coughed

Kno u got dat vision insight... bright lights... bad broads... fast cars live life
NOT ME! rap iz all I kno bruh get it ryt...
So when u trynna step up 2 me betta think twice...
Walk into da booth with ma head low
Close ma eyes n kloud 9 take control
Stupid as u r betta kno u can't fade me
Slow ass brain lyk u driving miss daisy
Reali don't kno wat da fuk u on so I sae uno momento while I get ma hater blockerz on
Meaning I can't see shxt
Fuk u niggaz hatin on
Yh I'm on da flyest shxt... chek ur fukn altimeter
N I'm on dat skrilla shxt... chek ur fukn guapometer
Stuntin on these niggaz bruh... chek ur fukn swagometer
Haterz 2 emotional... jux checked ur fagometer
Flow 187 bruh packs glocks
Nigga ur "set"... full of chickens go cluck
I got a knife in ma hand n da "director" says "CUTT!"
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Dark Reminiscin Lyrics

Kay-T – Dark Reminiscin Lyrics