Verse: 1
New kid out... Dats kay bitch
Candy on ma skull... Dats sweet shit
Hands iced out{bright}... Got no switch
New pants on... Sum new shit
Aint on kush... High as fuk
Cloud nine bitch... I'm star struck
Livin in da sky
N we perfect
Yh we flawless{floorless}
Airplane shit
Niggaz 2 loud... Mehn low pitch
N I'm 2 raw... Ask your bitch
Bring me down... Hmph good luck
C me comin better do lyk donald... Duck
Everything I do... Yh I gain
All I do iz win... Lyk fuk t-pain
Hi hater... Dat kid Kay-T
Haterz c me... I make em go lyk raaaahh!
Verse: 2
911 please c** get me
Juz touched fake I think itz kikin in ma allergy
Aint T. I but ur boy juz illy... N ur bitch gimme "brain"... Now dat bitch juz silly
Stop... I kno I'm hot
Lupe fresh 4rm da bottom 2 da top{bottom top}
We gettin dat guap
N we about 2 touch down
Royalty ballin... Soon be wearin ma crown
N I'm da shit no way you can doubt me
Niggaz talkin shit... You kno dey talkin bout me
Sayin dat you fly shit I'm a "Jet" lyk "Li"
If you talkin bout I'll kno you talkn bout me
All year we stay fresh... We fly 360
Fresh white tee with da fresh skull candy
Kno it aint done till you end it wit da nike
So I stae pretty in ma zoom air 60 n leave em lyk raahh!
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I'm Ill Lyrics

Kay-T – I'm Ill Lyrics