Cold... Lifeless stars but one
In the distance shining
Cold, dark, void space
Yet the life is still yearning
For hope

The hope to find a new home
Siykas, silent, drifting for ages
Hollow sphere, getting nearer

Litosunka zvoyoma (Approaching Lithos system)
Tirosos shawo delka sa (Energy captors deployed)
Egiono proios aziemka anbiospha (Biosphere life support initialized)
Enkrei iksou egiono s'aziemka (Krei life development initialized)
... Miryena ostametka (... Receiving distress signal)

"Cultivated by these creatures
Where's our culture?
What will be our future? "
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Devices Awakening (Activation / Production) Lyrics

Kalisia – Devices Awakening (Activation / Production) Lyrics