But despite the humans' expectancies, settling colony on this planet was not innoxious.
The system's star emanated deadly radiation, and the colonists had no other choice than to bury themselves in gigantic caves.
They then conceived an army of robots designed for planetary resources exploitation.
Only these inorganic machines could brave Porserpine to bring their masters essential energies and supplies.

Signals, sent out to the sky
Scouring for receiver
This spaceship, here will testify
Floating right there, beacon of worth

The settlers, once landed, now discover
A strange and unexpected land

Here in Porserpine
Sheltering from the light

"We are alone
Hide in the night
Will we find a way?
Come save us

Out of the idleness
Into the night
We go"

Des visages vides
Aux ages oublies
Morbides chrysalides
A jamais glacees
Une ame pleure
Mais qui le sait?
L'human se meurt...

"I can recall my life when all was real
Delusion has corrupted humanity's ideal
We are lost here in this actual fantasy
Is there no way out of this loaded legacy?

Time has come
Humankind's journey is reaching it's end
We lay here still, living a dream
We have lost our culture, lost our future

We can't keep retrogressing like this, must be a way
My eyes can see terrified
Our kind stuck in this necropolis, will I betray?"
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Cast Away (Damnation / Seclusion) Lyrics

Kalisia – Cast Away (Damnation / Seclusion) Lyrics