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Everytime Lyrics

Justin Crider – Everytime Lyrics

Verse 1
I know exactly what you're doing now.
Dressing up and smilin'
And tryin' to turn my head around.
But I've been down that road before.
Anymore your leaving's just another slamming door.

Every time I think that we are through, you come back around
And I know it is true.
Every time I see you walkin' in,
I know its just a game here we go again
Every time you say we can work it out that you finally know
What love's all about
Every time you cry,
Every time you lie,
Every time you say your heart's all mine,
I fall for it every time.

Verse 2
I know exactly what you're gonna say
You'll say I'm smothering and you need your space
Looks like our beginning's beginning to end
Best friend, girlfriend, don't talk
Begin again, again


Every time you say that you're ashamed that you finally know that you're to blame and every time you say your losing your mind.,
Whoa Baby I fall for it every time.
Whoa Baby, I fall for you every time.
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