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Call Me Love Lyrics

Justin Crider – Call Me Love Lyrics

Verse 1
I can tear your heart out and never raise a hand,
Even though I was created just for good. I've been blamed for acts of vengeance, But I'm harmless as a dove.
I'm simple but I'm so misunderstood.
I'm patient and I'm kind
When I'm allowed to be,
When I'm used the way
The One who made me planned.
I'm not boastful, and I never take advantage; or make unnecessary demands.

I cause Mamas to stay up all night tending to a child.
Relationships that once were broken,
I have reconciled.
And I make people ask their neighbors
If they need anything.
I bring a man and wife together making vows and swapping rings.
Call Me Love.
Just call me Love.

Verse 2

I've been twisted up for years in people's feelings;
Misrepresented in oh so many songs. I've watched helplessly as fragile hearts get broken,
When I could've solved the problem
All along.
I have a power
That can never be weakened,
And I can cover up a multitude of sins.
If you let me work alongside of
We can heal any hell
You're living in.



I'm created by the God above.
I'm everything that Jesus was,
The one thing that this world
Needs more of.

Call Me Love.
Just call me Love.
Call me Love.

Recorded at Steele Creek Studios, Bristol, Tennessee, USA by Quentin Horton
Copyright, Quincypicker Music, 2017 BMI
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Quentin Horton

Session Musicians:
Piano, Justin Crider
Violin, Evie Andrus
Vocals, Justin Crider
Percussion, Chris Ryan
Bass Guitar, Quentin Horton
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