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I Said It Before Lyrics

Just Surrender – I Said It Before Lyrics

You walked away since there was nothing to say
And now you're gone
I like it better this way

And every promise that you never could make
Is history like you and me today
You turned your back on all the friends that you played
Now you could never be a fucking friend anyway

You're a coward and lier at best
Keep walking kid and choke on your regrets

I said it before
I won't say it again
I'll take it bit by bit and make it till the end

That kind of feeling learning how to stand tall
Once again it seems you left no shoes to fill in the end
Some friend
A straight shooter and it came from the chest
Now you're back
Shooting blanks and missing marks just like the rest

There's something wrong with the way this played out
A scene too long that the writers cut out
And we thought we'd never see the end
It's time to learn what it means to stand proud
You've found this life now it's yours to carry out
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