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New Declaration Lyrics

Just Surrender – New Declaration Lyrics

There has to be a consequence
Since we found the evidence
Your time is running out to plea-bargain
I'll throw more than a book at you
It doesn't matter what you say or do
You're sinking faster than your breathing

This is the new declaration
We've been losing our patience
Stand your ground and prove yourself to me

This is your new inspiration
The new sound keeping you anxious
Grab your seat and dine with the enemy

You thought you could break the mold
Another day with the lies you told
But you're the only one believing

I know you think you'll walk away
What's that you forgot to say?
I'm listening so closely won't you repeat it

This is the new defecation
Keeping you anxious
Just keep your patience

This is the new defecation
We'll keep you anxious
(You won't dictate)
(We won't listen)
(We have lost all our patience)
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