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Delusional Denial Lyrics

Jungle Rot – Delusional Denial Lyrics

Welcome to your hell
It's all you'll know
Down to the depths
Your blood will flow

The anguish I exploit will never fade
Lying to yourself, to take the pain away
Cannot perceive what's about to transpire
Keep you alive, I won't let you expire

Delusional denial

You cannot begin to grasp
The sorrow you're about to endure
Focused, visceral misery
Torture so pure

Through blunt force trauma bestowed on your face
Your subconscious goes to another place
Beaten and battered, flayed and displayed
Feel the wrath of my malicious blade

Delusional denial
Delusional denial

Incise flesh, strip the skin, carve my name
Go unheard, prolonging, delayed demise

Your efforts to will out the pain
Leave sanity peeled to shreds
Mentally you try to escape
This mortal dread

The begging and pleading, it falls on deaf ears
If I had my way, I'd keep you for years
Try as you will, I won't let you deny
Want you to suffer, I will not let you die

Delusional denial
Delusional denial
Delusional denial
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