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Symbols Of Hate Lyrics

Jungle Rot – Symbols Of Hate Lyrics

Trying to hold on but you can not
Is it worth the time or the pain?
Black and blue your mind grows by the day
Lies! My mind blows up from a fit of rage
You think you own me but you are wrong
Soon I will take charge with my revenge
Die! A life of pain forced upon me
No escape from the harsh truth
Stress is building up
Break point is close
See it in your face, bulging veins
Sweat flows down your cheek
What will you do?
Kill! On a killing spree you do not care
Taking victims lives just for fun
Necklace made of ears, teeth, and eyelids
Worn! Paralyzed prey
Deep empty eyes
Look into them
See your own soul
Rip the Skin off his face
Put the mask on
Hide your true self
Body parts of victims worn with pride
Symbols of Hate
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Songwriters: Dave Matrise
Symbols Of Hate lyrics © Reservoir Media Management, Inc.

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