When I first met him, he was something grand
Handsome, and refined
What a sense of humor, a sense of style
And oh, so kind
When I first met him, I was petrified
Young, and insecure
He was strong and gentle and open-armed
So sharp, so sure

But that was when desire was newly kindled
That was when desire burned bright
When I first met him that lonely night

I had been set free
Suddenly abandoned and all alone
Then he found me
When I first met him how I wanted this
Needed him in view
When did I discover the simple fact:
He needs me too
Even though you know it could end tomorrow
Deep inside you whisper what's true:
You're a part of him, he's part of you

You've heard the whispers that he'll do you harm
But you ignore them when you take his arm
For no one feels like he does
And no one smells like he does
No one laughs, and no one cried
No one speaks, so no one lies

When I first met him, there was life ahead
Everything seems clear
Looking back I wonder how I misread
Just look who's here
I'm trapped alive and I've been burned
There's nothing left and nothing learned
But some dark night I'll set it right
He'll bow to every whim

With every passing hour my hopes grow dim
How I wish we could go back
To when I first met him
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When I First Met Him Lyrics

Julia Murney – When I First Met Him Lyrics