We have to say good bye
All things have to end
But I keep insisting
I go on resisting
Why should I pretend?

We paid for some mistakes
We never should have made
So it seems we were living in dreams
But now those dreams fade

In a perfect world
You'd hold me forever
In a perfect world, our love would stand tall
But I'm not perfect
And you're not perfect
Cause is you were
I wouldn't have loved you
At all

It took a little time
For me to come so far
But finally I see
That our impurity
Makes us who we are

There's no going back
We can't undo the past
We've mastered the art
Of breaking apart
And falling so fast

In a perfect world
You wouldn't have left me
Feeling left out, abandoned, and small
But I'm not perfect
And you're not perfect
Cause if you were
I wouldn't have loved you

So I'm sorry for the million awful things I did and said
And the million other things I should have
Said and done instead
And I'm sorry you won't spend each minute
Growing old with me
I'm sorry that our life will never be

The two of us on Sunday morning
Waking as the light shines through
Knowing at that very moment
That I love you
And you love me, too

In a perfect world, we'd get to raise a family
In a perfect house with pictures on the wall
But I'm not perfect, and you're not perfect
And nothing's perfect
If we were perfect
We'd wake up one day
Unable to recall
If we had ever truly loved
At all
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Perfect Lyrics

Julia Murney – Perfect Lyrics