Ladies and gents at the front of the tent,
You will note there is naught up my sleeve.
My wizardry bold will end what doubts you hold;
I will make the worst cynic believe.
From illusionry grand to the flame on my hand,
I'm a miracle from head to toe.
I'm a prestidigitational, arcanely sensational
One man magical show.

Now, our first trick's not hard -
Take your pick, any card!
For the next I'll need one volunteer.
Saw through bricks with a comb -
Kids, don't try this at home!
I can make silver coins disappear.
I may be a tad proud, but I'll say right out loud,
So that all of the world may well know,
I'm a simply unsurpassable, utterly irascible
One man magical show.

From birth, I've been blessed
With uncommon finesse
And charisma just short of divine.
As if that weren't enough, I am quite up to snuff
In all civilized arts from good beds to good wines.

Any fool can plain see I'm the best best can be,
But for those who might be a bit slow -
I'm a simply unsurpassable, utterly irascible,
Prestidigitational, arcanely sensational,
One Man Magical Show!
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One Man Magical Show Lyrics

Julia Ecklar – One Man Magical Show Lyrics