Crimson and crystal deck her shadowed halls
In incense and teardrops her voice gently calls
But in that silent kingdom the sun never shines
For she's locked it away in the fortress of time

Her eyes they are hollow like deep empty pools
And her touch is like ice that makes mortal blood cool
Her existence is longing, she is waiting for me
My sweet lady Death will soon set me free

For in mansions of shadow she wanders each night
But she's ever alone outside time's patterned flight
As she lays down beside each new lover she takes
She whispers their names and they never awake

Crimson and crystal deck her shadowed halls
And the time soon is coming when we'll all be called
To lie down in the silence of her crystal sleep
And she'll watch us and guard us in her crimson keep
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Crimson & Crystal Lyrics

Julia Ecklar – Crimson & Crystal Lyrics