First you didn't see me watching
Hidden behind green leaves of eternal summer
A living veil to hide me in my fragility
First you heard my springbirds singing
But didn't know they were sent by me
Your ears not used to find my voice inside their words

But one day then you've answered with your song
A melody reaching out it's hand
Your eyes starting to look for mine
The green leaves trembling in a gentle, gentle breeze

Show me who I am, you asked
Deep and restless is my human soul
Nameless as the deepest ocean
My fate a sunken ship on it's ground

You sang a song of deepest longing
Longing for yourself, longing for me
And when we first met you said:
Finally I've found the eyes to mirror the soul living in mine

On that day you've answered with your song
I was reaching out my hand
Your eyes finding their echo in mine
The green leaves perishing in a warm, warm wind

Come with me, I sang
You we're reaching out your hand
My eyes finding their mirror in yours
The green leaves hiding us from your world
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Green Leaves Trembling Lyrics

Jule Konrad – Green Leaves Trembling Lyrics