Dangerous to dance with memory
To embrace with a living voice something long gone

I can read the language of time and on whatever tree you laid your hand
You've left a print
Whatever words you said, wind listened to it
Birds will sing the echo of your secrets
Far away you are but my silver feet can cross the unseen bridges too
And my voice can still touch the untouchable
If I follow your steps they'll bring me back to you

Levity stumbled when I sang that song
To run from gravity you have to move your feet
So I'm leaving now the lands of eternal dawn
Hidden in mist I'll wander in the realm of human kind

The realm that gave you other names
Than those I know and a fate to fulfill
A world where you lived with your kin
Those humans who need a separation
Scary for my kin still living in union
And floating with nature
Hard for us to understand their cold stonewalls
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Unseen Bridges Lyrics

Jule Konrad – Unseen Bridges Lyrics