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Kill (Freestyle) Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Kill (Freestyle) Lyrics

Catch me spittin' on this Kill beat
Hopin' that these niggas would just feel me, the real me
My weapon is concealed and
You know I'm a suspect when I walk into the building
I came to London just to make some noise
The shit I say is for grown men, these bars are not for lil boys
I'm Andy with these toys
You run up on me, you get flexed on like Terry Crews and steroids
Listen, I been ballin' like a Piston
I been marchin' on niggas like I am army enlisted
You run up on me, you get it
My choppa' retarded and spittin' on these goofy ass niggas
Pop a roofie, I'm gone, in a whole nother zone
Put my dick in yo mom, that's the shit that I'm on
Yeah that's the shit that I'm on, you ain't on shit cause you dumb
You run up on me, you gone, that choppa' on me, it's rung
You get hung like a noose
I'm about the war, give a fuck about the truce
All about myself, I give a fuck about you
Matter of fact, I may just shoot the fuck up out you
Put an X next to your name like Malcolm
I guess you didn't weigh your options out, your outcomes
You did the wrong shit on the right day
We turn a white day into a red day
Fuck what yo mom say, fuck what yo' dad say
I keep it 3K like my first name Andre
If I go broke, I'm probably servin' like an entree
In Bombay with yo girl suckin' all on me
Off the Xannies, I'm a zombie
Don't believe me, try me, fuck around, stomp you
I'm kinda hungry off the weed, I may chomp you
And that shorty, she a eater, she a muncher
Man I'm feeling like a monster
Straight Jeffrey Dahmer when I'm grippin' the Llama
You don't want problems, no smoke at all
I take your whole pound and smoke it all
I take yo bitches then fuck 'em all
They on my D, I'm hatin', I duck 'em all
And she look at my whole team then suck 'em all
Macaroni on me, it'll buck-buck 'em all
Man somebody tell me to stop, nah, I'mma keep goin', just watch
I take yo Rollie, yo watch, yo bitches all on my cock
You run up on me, get popped, they judge a nigga like Cochran
They forgot to stop it, run up on me here
I got a rocket on me, no launcher
I feel like I am the bestest, I'm deadlier than asbestos
My word is really my weapon, I'm coming back for some seconds
Freestylin's a preference, send you to stairway to heaven
Man, these niggas writin' the shit that I say
The beats beat when I'm beatin' like Doctor the Dre
I pull up on them with the choppa', and screamin' out "Hey!
Fuck you, pow pow, have a nice day"
And my wrist is like an ice tray, and yo bitch she do what I say
Yeah, she put her hands in the air when my song come on
Like single ladies and Beyonce, yeah
And the way that I spit shit
I burn niggas like Jamaicans with the incense
Been the realest with the shit ever since I was an infant
I'm a misfit, Tony Hawk on my grind like a trip tip, you could get hit
Choppa leave you cryin' like a chick flick, I'm a sick kid
Bitch, I been lit, man these niggas ain't shit but some pussies
And pork ass niggas, fuck is a piglet
Fuck is these niggas, I don't fuck with these niggas
A four-leaf clover on a bullet, good luck with these niggas
Man it must suck for these niggas, ol' sufferin' niggas
YouTube ol' video bufferin' niggas
Ol' big bad wolf huff-puffin' ass niggas
Til I pull up on the scene like "You think you hard?"
I put a bullet hole through your muffin ass, nigga
Man, all the songs that I'm bumpin', I got the partiers jumpin'
You run up on me, it's over, that chopper's on me, it's dumpin'
I'll dump you like a bad relationship, hold on, wait, wait, wait
Let me take this shit, it may take a bit
I spit the shit I say, go back, re-say it
Then say somethin' different, replacin' it, man they hatin' us
It's presidential brain from yo bitch Sarah Palin kid
Still sellin' John McCain, like you got yo shit snatched
My flow is off the chain, pull up in the rover, yeah I got the range
I feel like Drake, nothing was the same
Niggas love to hate, get up out my face before you catch a AK
Shoot him in his face, tell that nigga bye-bye, man down, mayday
Pull up to his mom house and turn it to my safe place
I need a safe haven, I'm too busy slayin'
Dyin' my hair like Super Saiyans, leave his face on the pavement
Jackie Chan when I'm smokin', I really feel like an Asian
Fuck yo bitch when I'm high, call that shit Asian persuasion
I rush out with yo girl, she fuck for hours up in the shower
I feel like I got superpowers, I'm so superb
I'm bout the action, you niggas bout action verbs
I don't gotta say a word, I shoot for the green, feelin' like Larry Bird
On the competition, I drop and take a turd
Shove it in they ears, they hearin' every word
Really though, I get it poppin' like a nigga hittin' wheelies hoe
Or an ollie hoe, or a molly hoe
Run a train on yo bitch, that's a trolley hoe
Don't try me how I do you like Dej Loaf
You want to go to heaven so bad, here's a halo
My gun sing like J Lo, you better get low like limbo
Before you catch a couple shots for yo kinfolk
I'm Rambo with the ammo, I don't never let go
Money kinda stick to me, call me Juice Velcro
Say you gettin' money now, fuck nigga hell no
You don't like Adidas but this choppa give you shell toes
This choppa' give you shell toes
And leave yo ass dancin' on the floor like a red nose
Beam on my gun, that's a red nose
Pull up on the scene, let the shit blow
Yonkers, Yonkers, in this bitch with Westwood, man
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