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You Or I (No Jumper Freestyle) Lyrics

Juice WRLD – You Or I (No Jumper Freestyle) Lyrics

Yeah, bro
Uh huh, uh
Uh huh, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh huh, uh
Na na na, na na na na
Whatcha say?

[Verse 1]
Too many pills, got me hyperventilating
I was up in Hell, tryna dance up with Satan, uh
That bitch gone, so I need a replacement
Jackie Chan my backwood, that's just how I'm blazing
Rush hours, fuck that bitch on rush hour
I get high I rush out, ay
Make it snow for her, I give her coke showers
Ay, fuck that bitch inside the hotel showers
Damn bro, it's gon' stop
Feel like 21, issa knife, huh, ay
Bust a left, I got drunk and took a right
I'm so high, you fuck with me, I'll take your wife
And then take your life, bring you back to fuck her twice, ay
I'm gonna cut both, yeah
She wanna fuck, oh, yeah
Ella just cut throat, yeah
She gave me deep throat, yeah
Stitch like Lilo, combination no cheat code, yeah
I got the G-code, [?]

G.I. Joe, all these snakes
Seen them through my eyes
If I drive, off this bridge
Is it suicide?
Who gon’ jump first baby, uh, you or I
Who gon’ die first baby, and get scrutinized, huh, ay

[Verse 2]
I feel like a wizard, so you know they burn me at the stock
That's just how they feelin'
Pull up on 'em, shoot 'em with the Glock
I need time like tick, tock
She on my dick, bitch, get off
R. Kelly wouldn't get pissed off
New flow, money old as fuck just like the group home
One hoe, switch up for another now it's two hoes
A few hoes, they gotta lap up when we get in that two door
For sure though, she gon' pose like an IG photo
I know bro
I just bought a 40 with a dick pose, no homo
Supreme, I'm not no hypebeast but it's boxed on my logo
If you wonder, we got it
Juiced up, with the Pac shit
Run up on me, get popped quick

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