I've all the problems of the world
Yeah, it's hard getting used to you
Gotten gone, getting used to someone else
When I'm getting over you
Wanting to hold on to you, but holding on
Speaks of letting go
You're the only one I know
Looking at you now in the half light
The lines upon your face, lines
I walk from time to time
In song, you're mine
This is how it is when you're his
And I've always been yours
This is how it was and I still love you
Because because because
Standing on a hill
I saw your faace in a cloud, face
Go starship then dog
Becoming cloud gain
I remember when you said everything
Is long and low and inbetween
I see now what you mean
I've been, I've seen
I've all the hours in the world
I document my personal history
Up the chart it climbs
The buying of our time
Said you heard me on the radio
Soome song, said it sounded really real
By borrowing, I feel
I beg, I steal
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How It Is Lyrics

Judybats – How It Is Lyrics