In the back of the front
Of the middle line
Of lovers and friends
Meet me incognito
Clothed in pretense
Groomed by deception
I'll be there
I've watched you vanish
In a cloud of illusion
In your crowd of rainmakers
Pop lovers and trendy ones
Taking on every look
You've mistook for clarity
Meet me incognito
Wear your disguise
Meet me incognito
Cover up your eyes
Meet me incognito
Like you always doe
Meet me incognito
I won't know you
Leery-eyed and full of
Free heart notions
Moviegoer moves
And soap opera kisses
It's nice to be unknown
By the known
Slip into character
I don't know you
I don't know you
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Incognito Lyrics

Judybats – Incognito Lyrics