I think back to the things I've said
And I thought that I was right at the time
I look back at the things I've done
In times when compassion was so hard to find
Now I'm stronger, so much stronger
And I'll confront myself
I'll live and learn and love it
I'm not afraid to change myself
No apologies, an acknowledgement
I don't need you to point out my mistakes
You're so righteous, you're so high up
But who put you there, not me
It's so funny you think I care
About your ideas of right and wrong
I got music and I got friends
Whether you like it or not
This is where I belong
It's easy, so easy
To sit back and tell me that I fucked up
You're telling stories
I'm talking the truth
I gave you too much credit
I thought you'd listen
Never opened my mouth
But you drew A conclusion
From what you heard
You think it's funny? I think it's sad
You feel your job in life is to distort my words
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No Apologies Lyrics

Judge – No Apologies Lyrics