Thinking back when we were friends
How I thought it could never end
Handshakes and smiles whenever we met
What we shared I know I'll never forget
I knew our paths were splitting
We needed different things to get by
When you were throwing our names around
Were we supposed to let it keep us down?
Now I've had friends they passed like the breeze
And more than once it took me to my knees
And when that feeling began to grow
It turned to something you didn't want to know
I don't want to know, I don't give A fuck
Why you decided to come down on us
We'll just keep the memories we have
So don't get mad if I don't let it hold me back
Can't hold me back
You'll try to tempt me
Draw me off my path
God knows I want to use my hands
But I can't get caught up in that
Because I've seen it before
Fists thrown over words
And I fought before
And it never changed A thing
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Hold Me Back Lyrics

Judge – Hold Me Back Lyrics