My eyes saw the bliss of death
In years of snowy storms
And fields of ice
Torture, feel the wrath of hell
Blasphemy, eternal blasphemy

Taste the blood
Taste the blood of Christ
Before he reaches relief
Inside his grave
Blood, fire and ice
Terror and death
In the plight of sinner snow
Glory and war

You and I, the secrets of hell
I live my darkness, I'm beautiful
Peace, fell the death of peace
Soul, suck the light from soul

Fire, and overcast love
Through death as a rocky road
Such blood and gore
Long time of burning pain
In light of Satan's mind, the blood of god

Feel the blood of the lambs, hear the call of hell
Drink the blood of the lambs, hear the call of hell

In fierce anguish and pain
The darkness calls
Terror, war, greed, death
The laws of peace and love
Shall all be gone
Pain, war, evil, sin

Wrath, the lace of struggle
Immortal pain
Blood, honour, blood, war
Thirst of falling fire
Of Satan's law
Ancient hatred, ancient hatred
The burst of winter blood
Spear of death
War, sin, blood, fire
Enhanced in rivers of pain
The heart of god
Deep slave, smoke undergang
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Eternal Bliss... Eternal Death Lyrics

Judas Iscariot – Eternal Bliss... Eternal Death Lyrics