My eyes opened,
My eyes behold.
The dungeons burst,
And the prisoners, set free.

Fire and ice,
I walk around.
We see the land of dark as well,
And in that, passions set free.

Creation, and devourment of all things,
Eye of the moon, which blinds my heart.
The shroud is eternal.
With her power, (or winter power?)
The burning masses.
(My soul exhausts?)
And as before,
We surround the eye.

God of war,
It's your nature,
(That plagues) forgiveness of sin.

Reject true happiness,
The light, of course.
Devoured in my mouth,
To blind the beast.
The hell is open to heaven.

The hell is open to heaven,
And our souls, incinerates hell.
Gently upon... The ring of fire,
And in _____ the rock of _____.

My soul to hell.
South of heaven,
In Satan's name.
Devour my sin,
Inspired by terror.
Those are...
The sins...
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An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire Lyrics

Judas Iscariot – An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire Lyrics