Verse 1
Couldn’t leave well enough alone, or leave the world unbroken
Couldn’t keep a good thing from going wrong, leave the hurt unopened
Everything’s heavy lately it’s all come undone

Talkin’ Bout our Love and all I really feel about you babe
It’s tough, you know how I feel
I keep thinking; Did we fight, Did we try, Was it worth the last goodbye?
Man it’s rough, giving up, and wondering did we do enough
Talkin Bout Our Love

Verse 2
Everyday I set out to be, to be alittle bit stronger
And every night I come home to see, the reminder
All that I’ve done is wasted and everything is gone

Chorus 1x

I never thought it’d be this hard, your memory’s made it's mark

Chorus 1x
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Talkin' Bout Our Love Lyrics

Jonathan Dale – Talkin' Bout Our Love Lyrics