Verse 1
Seven A. M. Waking up to fast hits the alarm cause it reminds Her that
The sheets are colder, than when He would hold her
Worn out words and wasted time has Her perfect world broken, torn, and tired
She knows it’s not a way to live, when sorry has nothing more to give
It gets harder every night, It’ll get easier in time

Stronger, facing the wind as it blows her
And every moments gets
Closer, to who she will be
She may not be there yet, but everyday she gets

Verse 2
Letting go never seems to start but before long she notices her heart don’t heart like it did
Each minute is medicine.
She’s cut her hair, cut her ties with the times before they held to tight
Life’s to short not to breathe or wondering if there’ll ever be peace.
She’s picking up things that, She forgot She had.

Chorus 1x

Ain’t stopping, Ain’t dropping, any little thing that she’s ever wanted
Keeps running and soon she’ll be
Chorus 2x’s
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Stronger Lyrics

Jonathan Dale – Stronger Lyrics