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Same Sh%t Lyrics

Joey Fatts – Same Sh%t Lyrics

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
850, three and a quarter leather
Looks can kill, AK-47, stainless steel
Rep that of a veteran
Keep it real, audio dope cheffin’
Cane no half steppin’
No footprints on the shipment guaranteed freshness
You gon’ need this like money and weapons
Ain’t finish your first dose and you fien'in’ your next one
We did created monsters by dropping all this bomb shit
Bullshit behind us, we do not see all the nonsense
I’m in the Bentley on Naj, I’m feeling quite accomplished dawg
Don shit, what you know nigga
Go somewhere and find your ho she on her toes for daddies’ dope Peep the stroll
Bank role, rubber band knots did a grip a show, the rubber band pop
Can’t fold, when I am buried off this liquid, we let the bank hold it
Gold totally legit, paper washing rents, clean dollars make more sense
Spendin’ like this dirty world we livin’ in
Burnin’ that fire with the ghetto children
Tellin’ me they gon’ live that life until it kill em’
All I can say is lord forgive them as we smoke behind them project buildings

[Hook: Joey Fatts]
Different day but on that same shit
Blowin’ kush while I lane switch
Paper chasin’ with a bad bitch
Different day but on that same shit
Getting’ money fuckin’ hoes, if you bout your dough then you know just how it go
It’s a different day, but a nigga on that same shit, same shit
Yeah a nigga on that same shit [x2]

[Verse 2: Joey Fatts]
It’s a different day
But a nigga still on that same shit today
Blowin’ kush any hot nigga can get today
Gold chain feelin’ like a money mixture day
Ridin’ round strapped tell Rico get that shit today
On that paper chasin’, ain’t got time to care what these niggas say
I just let em hate cause all their bitches wanna fuck
We like a basketball player, they tryna pick and roll with us
Cause all my niggas gettin’ paid, we all gon’ fuck, there ain’t no rush
But I keep that on the hush though
They love the sound of jet life and cut throat
Young niggas ball no fumble
Bitch I ball no huddle never lettin’ up
Smokin' all the trees but still a young nigga paper up
But never can I get enough of all them nights I didn’t have it
Slept on that floor but now my money flip like dirty mattress
Wouldn’t before but now she fuck a nigga off my status
One thing for sure this bitch not gettin’ outta packin' cabbage from the kid
Better swoop that 36
Bustin’ down supply all my niggas cause it’s enough money to go around
We about to run the town just a bunch of young niggas gettin’ paid
And tomorrow is gonna be the same shit, just a different day

[Hook: Joey Fatts]
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