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How We Livin' Lyrics

Joey Fatts – How We Livin' Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My momma sleep off that bottle
My pops wet off that sherm
Finger waves through the perm
64 on that curb
One thing he did he got high
Off the bridges he burn
Sold dope to get by
He flipped my momma check on the first
And then he left her with four kids
Now she stressing and hurt
That nigga out there living big
While we like scum to the earth
Both of my brothers they were posted off on M with that work
Both of them niggas fucked around and went to jail for that work
This how I’m living how I’m living
This dough I’m with it
A young nigga trying to stack a million
Because we ain’t got no hotline to feed the children
But we got some rock dimes stashed in that Civic
Got no time for these bitches
That nigga gotta get his cheddar
Been down and out, but I’m trying to get this shit together
Plotting on pounds but right now I’m down to serve whatever
So if you ain’t talking cheddar, bitch I’m Helen Keller

Sleep on the floor
Roaches in the kitchen
Gotta leave them lights on
Said that’s how my people living
Work on the stove
Man we gotta get it
Kids need school clothes
Said it’s how my people living
It’s how my people living (Money low)
It’s how my people living (On parole)
It’s how my people living ([?])
It’s how my people living (Never fold)

[Verse 2]
Poor and broke
So a young nigga gotta die rich
For the dough
Hit a nigga with that 45 quick
For the low
You can get it nigga if you’re shopping
Selling dope
So a dead nigga can go buy a Benz
Like I dreamed about I’m trying to live it out
With 6 O’s up in my bank account
And checks of large amounts
Smoking bubble kush by the ounce
Until I got cotton mouth
So if you that nigga with that clout
I’m running in your house
Where the dope? Where the pounds?
I need a dollar nigga down
Robbing niggas like D Bo
Tuck your shit when I’m around
Stay 100 like Casino
Shorty said she love my style
Jiggy nigga with that yay
Dog I’m trying to run the town
Picture like I’m on the mound
And they be trying to cash out
Because on the first of the month
They ‘bout to throw my ass out
So I’m on that cash route to get this money up
Flip a couple packs then I double up
A nigga ain’t shit but a hustler
I’d turn my own my cousin to a customer and that’s just because-

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