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Where Did It Go Wrong Lyrics

Joe Budden – Where Did It Go Wrong Lyrics

Yo, niggas ain't lookin' for me like they say they are
But on some real shit I pray they are
Cause niggas keep runnin round actin like the ak's far
I keep it nearby in case they start
Might catch em on a Friday
Chill they like Day-Day to the God
Think they already know it & it break they heart
With all the hate that he seem 2 get
Things jus ain't been the same since the A Team split
Got some hood niggas thinkin they straight mutant
It's more like good niggas, straight A students
Dogs it no games no intermission
Tell him I jus seen him die & the preminition in him
Listen, can't eat dinner missin' in the kitchen
Could smell but can't taste, I'm 3 laps ahead
You a snail in the race, pale in the face
Niggas is lightwork on a scale with no weight
Wait, can't stand these clowns, gave em everything they got
So to me they jus a hand-me-down, my dude
Look around before you think about sparkin, you waaay outnumbered
Go ahead & be a spartan, it's stones gettin thrown in here
Fu*k these strip club hoes, nigga I'll get Pacman Jones in here
I swear, it's gettin hard 2 live with the anger,
And home ain't home when you live with a stranger
Thought I knew you like the back of my hand
Fastforward 3 years & I got smacked with the back of her hand
Caught with my ass out without sagging my pants
Allow yaself to get caught like that with that man
Find out your wife that you sleepin with
Play herself start creepin with
One of your dudes, you confused you don't know who 2 get even with
Maybe you ain't the same broad that I was even with
When you cheatin with dude I see & shit
Nigga I'm fly with, work with, we speak & shit
You the broad that would ride for me
Look me in the eyes transformed in to Shaggy
Bi*ch how you gon lie 2 me?
Fell for the allure thas my bad you broke in somethin so secure
I'm now scarred see you make it type hard
For me 2 see the next broad
And not think that she ain't jus another hoe or slore
But thanks, see relationships in a different you son
To get over the old girl gotta get a new 1
Half of me still witchu & I don't care ya'll
Other half with her, I'm stuck, so I compare ya'll
Me & her's now, me & you got memories
Me & you got love, me & her got chemistry
She's like a friend 2 me, you like the enemy
Or maybe she's there jus 2 cover that resentment B
Or maybe she ain't as fake as you & won't take me thru
That same faze as you, or
Maybe it's simple she seen all that pain I was in
And won't make the same mistake as you, I mean
I never had an issue with trust,
Never knew you had an issue with lust
We can get thru anything in the world if the issue's discussed
Whas it a whole seperate issue? Or an issue with us?
But it gets bigger, you doubtin' you, you like shit nigga!
Was his money longer? Or his dick bigger?
You gettin sick nigga when you alone
And jus you & your imagination you paint a sick picture
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