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Those That Are Dead Lyrics

Joe Budden – Those That Are Dead Lyrics

Those who are dead I'm not dead
But just living in my head


Waddup greg was speachless I ain't know what to say
Got the call like at 8 am with nig sayin you had passed away
I'm like 1 nigga stay playin your myspace page playing
It started my day achin, it hit me like a tumor
Felt like it was to soon ta thought it was a rumor
Untill it wasn't a rumor, can't believe that it is over
But if god called you I ain't need a mad hatter he must'a needed a soldier
I was like your mentor you was like my friend nah
When I seen you I would treat you like my kin and more
We used to scream "fuck these niggas" like tim dog
You was the only rap nigga I would fend for
Just feinin for beats stuck between a dream and the streets
You just wanted to be seen as elite
Cause you loved far rock like I love jersey so I feel
Ya but love something too much garuntee it'll kill ya for reala

Those who are dead I'm not dead
But just living in my head

It's that on top music...

Riot squad keep ya head up remeber we would diss eachother on tracks
Laugh about it when we met up I'm lookin in ya casket prayin a nigga get up
For a minute I could'nthelp but think that you was set up
No matter who you are you gotta answer when the lord callin
I told you go and fuck with jimmy that's before ballin'
Go get your cash right hard to slow down livin the fast life
I just heard you on flex yo last night like was it old beef
Or was you gettin stuck up, I'm lyin outside your funeral
Ran was really fucked up, and I was too but the difference is
I was more in AH at the ignorant vaule of life the livin gets
Brought the burner on you but you fought that dude
I read the paper it said the pigs caught that dude
It's sad another black man taken by a black hand
Wishin last night in the club we coulda saved your last dance

Those who are dead I'm not dead
But just living in my head
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