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CITY Lyrics

Jimmy Davis – CITY Lyrics

The gritty city flipped me to the darkside
But I gotta be as wise as the serpent so I’m there part time
Doing my thi-zing, envisaging what they can’t I
See the future clairvoyantly and boy I’m seeing hard times
And they provide no compromise, huh, hard line
So some of my design’s to provide hard rhymes
Harsh truths of the dark youts, shark eyed
On the prowl, now like owls in the dark at night
Take you down laughing like, ha ha ha ha ha
Is nothing right? Na ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Na neeny woi, zigga digga na na no no no
I do not want to be a part of this I got to go oh oh
Yo, cos the evil is upon you, yeh
This going out to the wolves out there
And I’m not on about the ones around the molineux

You can run, but you cannot hide
You can try, I will take your life
You can run, but you cannot hide
You can try, I will take your life

Bc where the streets are harsher the lessons tougher
Stuck in the belly of the beast, call it the pressure cooker
Where the rich never suffer and working class wages to them are fucking bread and butter
Evening Mail yet another,
Stabbing, fund stacking, fucking gun clapping
Kids are lesson wagging, weapon grabbing, rizla bud packing, stood dragging
On the weed man bunnin a spliff
And then they get late teens and it’s loving the sniff
Then they get in to shottin and looking suttin to shift
Thought the ship was on course but it’s running adrift
In the system constantly working
Making a million moves entrepreneur ’ing
Looking for peace and truth, sombre and hurting
It’s burning us inside, wrong and disturbing
We’re immersed in, this chaos
Look at some that are stood in the maze lost
But we’re coming for the premier league
Either taking the title or via the playoffs
We’re not having it, hope ... Imagine it
Coming to fill up the trophy cabinet
Money we’re stacking it, faith we’re backing it
Call life a bitch but you know that we’re macking it
The law of attraction’s a magnet
We saw more of the facts unravelling
While they’re caught in this trap like a labyrinth
Rap but they’re wack at it, Davis a maverick

You can run, but you cannot hide
You can try, I will take your life
You can run, but you cannot hide
You can try, I will take your life

Cold blood in my veins, hot head on my shoulders
You get no love there’s no games
Best stop there if I don’t know ya
Wolves howling at her gates, shout out to her soldiers
Breed em like it’s nothing then treat em like she don’t know them
And everybody wanna be the king of the street but no one can truly own em
So while most living on the brink of defeat believing the future’s golden
Yeh, from the youts to the old ones
So the door’s shut even when it’s open
And so most slam whenever approaching
So they mistake a setback for an omen, yeh
And these kids got a lot to give, cos they don’t wanna sit around shottin shit
For the new kicks, new chicks and the whips
They get shottin it yeh
It’s ironic but that’s how they’re living
School’s for the pupils without a vision
Keep doin it fool but ain’t down to listen
Gotta stay useful fill out the prisons
Yeh, and it’s sad but true, that’s why everything’s black and blue
From the bigwigs sitting in the savvy suits
To the little kids on road slanging food
So the deceit runs deep, we’re all in for a piece
And the city is a beast, but without us she’d be incomplete

You can run, but you cannot hide
You can try, I will take your life
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