We need change, and we need it quick
Some of the things that surround me and that I see are sick
We’ve let the fear trick us into thinking that we’re heading into apocalyptic waters and can’t steer the ship
And so they grip up the rudder but just can’t seem to navigate
Watching another dream evaporate
Under the pretence that their greed will gravitate them to status that society really needs to eradicate
But that they’d rather promote, and so rather than vote, they’d rather be out doing lager and coke
Young women clattering booze and pricks sniffing
A small proportion sharing the views of Nick Griffin
Despicable dads, incest, sadism
And criminal lads whose interests are make prison
Chase women, blaze grade, keep their blades with em
I’m seeing hate driven, racism, Great Britain
And it’s saddening but it’s happening
Mother nature taking a battering, global neighbours are battling
For supremacy, call people the enemy, control a commodity and be ultimately damaging
To the country you’re economically managing
How can a nation rebuild itself while you are massacre’ing
I sit and watch but find it challenging and staggering
I see Armageddon and see the storm clouds gathering

And I pray, that the world will see better days
But we don’t seem to change our ways
Is this a phase or the way it stays?

Employers think they own us
Breaking my back to pay a motherfucking bankers bonus
These wankers are soulless
Wonder why the pay, conditions and equipment angers the soldiers
Pay your taxes, contribute to the economy until the fucking day it collapses
Funding the fight against evil’s axis
For the purpose of a war the word illegal relaxes
I’ve got the blues brother, like Dan Ackroyd
So do the country a favour and ban tabloids
Claim they’re for the people with all their sincerity
Coverage consists of a footballers infidelity
And incredibly, glamorised ignorance
The sad thing it seems to magnetise millions
In a country full of dissatisfied citizens
They’re controlling the nation with their advertised opinions
Mass media, it’s like mind control
We need to disengage, relocate and find the soul
Time to shake our conscience proper with both hands
Stranded in a land of emptiness, spiritual no mans
Uncontrolled lending and spending
Constant taking, law breaking and rule bending
One man’s main is another man’s appetiser
But the voice of the poor for them is a constant reminder

And I pray, that the world will see better days
But we don’t seem to change our ways
Is this a phase or the way it stays?

So our communities are dead, more segregation
And our kids are force fed more education
Keep them chained in the house playing computer
Cos the little kid down the road is bowling round holding a shooter
But if you take a step back and put it in perspective
You might realign your thinking and fucking stand corrected
There’s no can of cola for the kid in Angola
Just an AK and a taking over the land directive
Yo we need change pronto, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo
Civil war where power is what they’re killing for
But in fact it’s doing very little more than just instilling pure
Hatred, into mentally raped kids
How could they ever justify what they have created?
Afghanistan, destroy and rebuild em
The flow of opium is more important than the children
They call it aid, it’s just another way for them to manipulate the trade and make sure they get paid
Would it make you see the light dude, if you had to spend every day of your life trying to find food
Trying to dodge aids, avoid malaria
Avoid military personnel destroying the area
I’d love to see you vent your anger in Uganda
They might chop off your hands, gauge your eyes out or simply hang ya
I see clearly through the propaganda
Brazilian gunplay is slicker than any football or soccer samba
Take your petty knife crime to Somalia
And watch when they cut you up worse than the black dahlia
The bubbles burst, there’s no longer a fantasy you’re residing in and hiding in, reality deciphering
And if you can’t see, then you aren’t free
So move away from the stereo calmly
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A Prayer Lyrics

Jimmy Davis – A Prayer Lyrics