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Dare!! Lyrics

Jim Johnston – Dare!! Lyrics

Words and music: jim johnston

I just want to shout, it's just a waste of time, it's "impolitical", 'round here to speak your mind. I'm tired of self appointed sages,searching for clouds on the horizon, but they cannot see the stars. sucking down on silver spoons, they love to say how tough things are!

It's time, we dared to question this philosophy
It's funny, I don't understand,
Why there's no one smiling but me.

I just want to try, to get some joy from life, it's irresponsible you cry wolf every night. I've seen far too many falling faces drawn to cynicism, like moths are drawn into a flame, who's gonna be the next contestant in this self-affliction game!

It's time, we dared to question this philosophy
It's funny, now I understand
Why there's no one laughing but me.

Every day is a great unknown, but we have been here before. we'll slip away, while you're deciding what happiness means to me.

So don't ask me to share this weeks catastrophe.
If the party's really over, why is no one leaving but me?

Stewing in this altered state, you're killing time they're contemplating suicide. is it possible, they love you more than life? we'll keep searching for that endless summer. trade in the blues harp for a chance to belly up right to the bar. once in a while I'd like to look around and see how good things are!

It's time, we dared to question this society
Everyone was laughing at me,
Now there's no one laughing, but me.
It's time, we shared this simpletons philosophy
Has everybody missed the punchline but me?
-(cause there's no one smiling with me)
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