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Calling All Cars (Big Daddy V) Lyrics

Jim Johnston – Calling All Cars (Big Daddy V) Lyrics

Calling all cars, cause im calm!

This guy pressure, he’s taking over the airways man we can’t control him!
Oh my god its so dangerous, we in the attic got down, yes he is man!
This guys roundup is Reid up man, hes battered his brain up man, omg!

I backing hits him, with the release of the rage of the pressure,
Come through as I get mean and sink them!

Like I’m dead end the life, of friction like it!

Now you wanna be, wanna be living the trifect!

The right kid, I straight up bitches right ten!

Oh my be hersing I now know cursing!

It’s no cursing when I just spit the rhyme truth,

Rhyming up in the booth, living the proof!

Black kid now know me, now you know me,

I love you like bonnie, inside her horny,

OG when I do my thing I did, morphine!

And then the OG's rapping things straight bored me.

I don’t ring no damn jack, when I bring it on the scene!

Cause you know the clean, and I bring it on teens!

And then I bring it on to queen,
And bring it on to Brooklyn as of the anthem!

Heads the dream of the dreams, now you lost damned, now you can never be!
Their seem, cause I be so kept clean when I rig the scene, come on!

I’m down a gang when I wreck the rest of the burst,
Coming through straight up and bang it up and birth!

Then I burst the squirts my vain from the hurt!
And then I sprayed up, break up, hit you with them dirt’s.

Off the coping, now you scoping,
My damn stretcher coming through, as I’m hoping!

To be the best, that ever done it,
Now you wanna just get my chain so I’ll go running?

I jumped it, 6.3 chilling in the BG’s, like no cum in you,

Cause you like D James! pressure coming through release it this way,

When I spray I spray, and every game I gain!

And I go, to the next show and flow and then I go! I go! I go! I go!

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