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Color By Numbers Lyrics

Jim Johnston – Color By Numbers Lyrics

Words and Music: Jim Johnston

Not so long ago, we all were happy, and what we didn't know, it didn't hurt me.
I've got you by my side, man I'm lucky, I know somehow we'll get by,
But something has changed.
Cause now they come and lecture me, because it's not so simple,
They say I have to face reality.
But I think it's strange.
They color by numbers, Love is for children, this world is cold as ice,
They say lock up your heart, but I know the reason.;They've lost that paradise,
That's inside you.
Tell me what's so wrong, and why you're so unhappy?
You say "Unless I play along, it's gonna hurt me."
But it's just so much ado - about nothing,
Cause they don't think it through -and I am insane?
When they come and criticize, I just say "Thank you",
They don't realize that love doesn't change.
If you color by numbers, love is for children, the world turns cold as ice.
If you lock up your heart, there must be a reason,
You forget that paradise, that's inside you - way on down there!
Cause they'll take every day away from you,
And then say that there's nothing they can do.
You know you must defend it!
You know you can't pretend it would never happen to you.
So to those in misery, I must say something,
You know it wasn't supposed to be this crazy. You can come back home again,
And just get happy. cause true love never ends we just throw it away!
If you color by numbers, Love is for children, this world is cold as ice.
Keep telling your heart there's no better reason, than to live for paradise,
If you color by numbers and laugh at the children, you just get old and wise.
So open your heart, it just stands to reason,
That we all want heaven, we all need heaven, we all want paradise.
Now I'm happy.
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