Day and night. .. The shadows move too slowly
From dark to light she promised she could know me
Remember when. .. I watched her on the stairway
She was drinkin' wine. .. And she told me what the
Say. ..

Some destinies, they should not be delivered. ..
But in her eyes I saw a thousand reasons

Day and night

I feel her skin. .. It's thin and white as pressed milk
I closed my eyes and she vanished just like burnt silk
And what remains was like some fallen thunder
And my lips were chained; they were filled with empty wonder

But the stars tell lies, it blinds the only warning
And when darkness dies, there's nothing left but morning. ..

Just day and night

Day and night. .. The shadows start to scatter
When touched by light. .. Each promise made is shattered
And even when the question find the answer
But even then, they're something like a dancer
But even then, they're something like a dancer
Like day and night. .. Dark to light
I move from day to night
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Day And Night Lyrics

Jim Carroll – Day And Night Lyrics

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