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Lorraine (Lyrics) Lyrics

Jim Carroll – Lorraine (Lyrics) Lyrics

I was underneath the staircase
I was talking with my angel
He said that beauty is only terror
You know, when terror is just beginning
I thought I heard some footsteps
Lorraine, she was coming
But she's been feelin' real sick lately
She been kickin' down her habit

So I went around to see her
I had the angel in my pocket
She had jewels between her fingers
And there was blood across Lou's carpet

But I know that she's feelin' better . . .
I saw her walking to the Market

She went down
The sharp black hole
She wants to die just to save her soul . . .

But she wants to live
She wants to start her band
She swears the stage is God's left hand

So I'm sitting in the cellar
Beneath my dark apartment
I had the angel on my shoulder
You know, his wings were kinda shattered

He plays with broken mirrors
And he said that he just saw Sally
And that Sally was with Lorraine
And they were playing in the alley

So I went around to see them
Ahhh . . . they were doing it together

And there was a little blood across the concrete . . .
I know they were feeling better . . .

They got straight
They understand
They wanted to die but now they got plans
They want to live; they want to start their band
They swear the stage is God's left hand

I'm waiting in the lobby
The angel dropped the mirror
But he still insists that beauty . . .
That beauty is just one part of terror

There's a painting on the ceiling
Of a dog . . . he had eyes like rubies,
And then the angel just remembered
That Lorraine was at the movies

I found her in the back aisle
There was blood across the next seat
When she reached out to touch me
I thought that that that was so sweet

So I stuck her with my finger
It was like a knife through leather
She had a song along her eyelid

I KNOW she was feeling better

She got straight
She understand
She wanted to die but now she got plans

She want to live
She want to start her band
She swear the stage is God's left hand . . .
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