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Slimetime Lyrics

JID – Slimetime Lyrics

We in the time of our life
East Atlanta, yeah
Word to Casey, yeah
Turn the music up
That nigga Smoove will say Slimetime
I'ma call this shit Slimetime

[Verse 1]
Savage JID, a maverick
I grab a bitch up 'til I have somethin'
She said, "Can you make the bed rock?"
I do on my yabba dabba shit
But now I got the abracadabra
Find these funny actor rappers
Migo told me to chill, you could easily beat 'em
Shit, JID, don't feed into the bull
The rage of a bull with cajun eyes locked in a cage
Filled with hatred and you hatin', speakin' this fugazi
And thinkin' it's gon' phase me?
Fuck nigga, no pressure
I'm fly in my G6 but there is no Ke$ha
I'm 'bout to hit the homerun, where the fuck is the catcher?
I got beef with a burger, mustard, ketchup
Five mixtapes in, please niggas catch up
Please niggas step up, p-please niggas step up
And not to imitate ya, I ain't the DJ for Justin Bieber
Did two of my mixtapes so I can make you a believer
If you don't know, been where you wanna be
I'm in where you won't go
The little nigga cry wolf, but the wolf won't show
'Til it get time and that wolf get hungry
Now yo ass screamin' wolf, but nobody ain't comin' muthafu-
Primetime, my nigga Smoove will say Slimetime
And when you turn on the tube, I'm like Bron Bron
A nigga turn on some tunes, he like, "Momma don't cry
I be back in a while." That nigga feelin' like I

Niggas out her fakin' and paper macheing
Government issued social security checks
Out generation, bruh
Hatin' niggas never prosper
Niggas takin' shots?
You done fucked around and shot yourself, bruh
Damn, career suicide
It's over

[Verse 2]
Origami, original game guru
Destin Route's the name, JID there the voodoo
I'm too cool and smoother than a woodgrain Ruger
It'll put your ass to sleep so soothin', it's not no movie
No cameras shootin', cameras watchin'
Feds and paparazzi
I make his girl give me some head and say grazi
And more shot like a Nazi
So confident plus cocky, I don't give a fuck
I'm knockin' boots with the hottest of hottest
And we go to dinner, she only order broccoli
She workin' on her diet, I'm like why?
With that ass, you like a buck-0-5
And I'm so high, I could eat up everything in the sky
Now that's funny, I could buy up everything in the store
Now that's money, and money that's comin' but I ain't seen yet
Ain't really got a team, just a couple niggas I fuck with
And a million bitches that fuck with us, nigga don't fuck with us

See, the problem is
Niggas wanna take shots
Via social networks
Nigga who the fuck you supposed to be, Zuckenberg?
You ain't got racks
You ain't got millions
All you got is a pack of newports, short!
Nigga that's what your money is
Get right
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