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LeHooligangs Lyrics

JID – LeHooligangs Lyrics

(feat. EARTHGANG & OG Maco)

What’s up wood
What’s going on
It means body snatchers
I didn’t ask for meaning
I asked the word
Ghoul, ghoul?
It’s a good word
Ghoul gang slaughters
A fresh out, outrage in the five points

[Verse 1: OG Maco]
Hooligan plotting loot
I was born and I know this world
Only the strong survive and I can prove it
Ducking behind the bushes sipping goose
Burning down your neck like a noose
With the homies hanging
Niggas riding by, we twisting fingers
Gang banging, set claiming
Oh if momma know how she would hate it
Trips in the field
Fuck a waiver for the glory
Neighbourhood legend why they bought you
I don’t know you
Who you?
We don’t know you, we’ll show you
Said they find them slumped over
Bag of bad bitch weed next to him
Die like he lived it
Nothing short of greatness how I give it
Try replicate and break your printer
Spool of that paper in my denims
Italian lamb skin on my balenci's
Woman so humble she go thrifting
Reward her with that berkin pussy tingling
Put her on that counter split decision
She spread eagle
Dog her like a master
Bet you beat her like a beagle
Did it for my niggas who the woman call to fuck
And if they ask the gang, OGG what you throw up?
Bet you know what’s up
Bitch try if you want

[Verse 2: J.I.D.]
It’s like Hooligan plotting loot
Going through hula hoops
From shooters who yell hootie hoo
When they finna shoot
Shit bags leave em miserable
They going digital
Holy Jesus, Christian louboutins on her physical
Swear my flow was sick and it just got that curable
I’m shooter from the hip
Beef just not that miniscule
I’ve been a fool, benefited, like a benefactor
You rappers are knee slappers
Imma say it first
You repeat after
Wait for it
I been trying to flex
But I don’t even got the K for it
But if you try to hold it in my face, then I will take yours
JID just a hooligan, fuck if I cannot gaylord
Gonna fuck a white bitch
Thank the Based God

[Verse 3: Johnny Venus]
Hooligan bill collectors
Keep on calling me up
Got to be cautious
Got to stalling for a couple more months
I know my time almost up
I know transition is a must
From where they busting they busting
Just to come up you must duck
I can’t do much but tell it like it is
I ain’t really got nothing else in my dream
Flying round wondering who taught y'all that shit
Man must have been hard coming up I see
But look, God bless you though
Hope the best for you
Extra extra terrestrial
We save the nest to rescue you
I'm guessing trapped in cocoons where you learned to be flexible
Adding the extra addicts for your partner sitting next to you
Was hard for a nigga out here like me
Hit the country
In the car pack three by three
Plus I'm black so they ain’t really gotta see ID
I’m back in these streets
Like the paint in the sinks
That’s a stacks out my pocket every 3 cities
Bet a stack imma stack it back by 3 cities
Probably like three NY’s
Maybe like three Philly’s
Maybe like three little wives
Stack like three Peachtree's

[Verse 4: Doctur Dot]
It’s like Hooligan plotting loot
Looting like vikings do
Looking inside of you just one trick that my eyes can do
Sipping on lighter fluid
Influence inspire you
To put fire inside your belly
Empire is coming soon
Appetite so intense
Rottweilers, Dobermans
Choose a side
Pussy ride is on the fence
So delicious
Smell of cunnilingis
Linger round my chin and lips
At thirteen had me convinced
It make my facial hair get thick
I know niggas they will rather live a lie than man up in the me
The idols they worship was never really seen
The tide that I’m surfing have never seen the fishes
Too many storms (x2)
Bending these corners
Leaning in a the mazda
Wishing for a tesla
Screaming up to God
Like why you keep on testing
I done broke my pencil
Asking all these questions
I can see the future
Every thirty seconds
Paranoia got me walking softly
Cypher calls me like a silent auction
Probably would have been a smart abortion
But them college students, they just can’t afford it
Fuck it, Spillage Village til it stain the floor
Pay in a quarterly or pay the full
See they gun us down
Screaming save the forest
Then they turn the lumber into caskets for us
So I don’t do with all that back and forth
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