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LeFluGame Lyrics

JID – LeFluGame Lyrics

(feat. Jace)

[Verse 1: Jace]
Krispy or Kreme, whip me a beam
Double cup a couple blunts and sip me some wait…
Krispy or Kreme, whip me a beam
Double cup a couple blunts and sip me some lean
Pockets on Shrek though, crazy big green
Crazy big steam coming out that limousine
I’m one with my chakras, my partners is mean
I’ve got to intrigue the thots in my league
Get the only motherfucker with like three chains on
In a free range range with like three gay broads
Who are all interested in a three way off
Doing a bunch of drugs with a grade A star
I am crazy hard and a lazy fart
Kinda way, runaway
Who say Jace ain’t hard?
No, they can’t shake my squad
All I pray is pussy niggas learn to play they part

[Verse 2: J.I.D]
Okay the lights keep flicking, I’mma stand in the dark
I need a cup of that brown shit and some weed from the heart
So show me love lil nigga, I been fuckin’ with y’all
Ghost whispers, she wan’ be my mistress
But I ain’t got no time, no time, no time, no more
I said I was on my Joe Pa
My hands still numb from the winter
Into the door where the mula
You niggas been holding out into the door where the shooter
Ain’t nobody fucking moving
Just want my words to touch like I’m reading in braille
The little engine that could can’t get derailed
If he tails talks
Touch we meeting later for brunch
To discuss how I’m losing my muchness, pretty much
I’m done with you silly fucks, need work, you finna Phillipe
Shit, he made Jiddy have to center his inner Ye
See me, I’m king with a capital K
And you niggas is all G’s with a capital gay
And I’m gonna go scoop my girl the capital state
We gon’ take it somewhere foreign, blunts bud Bjorn
I’ll probably put a hole in the stage when we start touring
Tearing up cos we toured up
Nigga do the Roosevelt
Drinking champagne make my stomach belt
My girl so juicy it’s like Welch's
Tell me you’re a virgin I’m so selfish
And tell me how you fucked 2Pac with no Elvis
Love lobster but hate shellfish
High girl but you so celcius
That’s why I met a thousand you’s and a thousand crews
Probably fucked a thousand dudes
Me and Venus, that’s a thousand 2
Blood walk on the moon and pay a thousand dues
Thousand dollars to my name nigga, ouch
Just coming from off the couch with a blunt in my mouth
Stick my head out the door of the house
Heard something ‘bout you running the south
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