You know what would be good?
If you come with me tonight
We can have some fun
Up until the sun, comes up

We gonna drink this bottle
Then imma put it on you
Looking in your eyes
Feeling up your thighs
I'm hypnotized

So would you like to stay with me tonight

I'll kiss you when you wake up
Make your bed and breakfast
I'll be the best you'll ever had I'll never let you down
And I will do anything to keep you smiling
Let the lightning strike me down if i'd be lying

And I know that it's too much right now to say
But i'll be saying it anyway

But I won't force it baby
I will let my guard down sugar
I will lay my cards now in front of you
And all im saying is true
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Stay With Me Lyrics

Jensen And The Flips – Stay With Me Lyrics