You, you made me believe
That I can do anything
I tried to hide it I tried to fight it
But you got me blinded
With sweet sugar words and
My walls are tearin down
You tearin it down

One more lie, two more lies
Three more lies
I ate all that shit up
Even swallowed my pride
Four more lies, five more lies, six more lies
I ain't staying here. you're wasting my time

We can never work this thing out
Maybe Maybe the wonders of us
Has gone crazy bad
Talk myself out of this space
And never go back

Each time I try to talk to you
You makin me feel like
I'm talking to a brick wall
And you ain't takin me
For granted anymore
I'm movin on
I'll be so far gone
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You Are Lyrics

Jensen And The Flips – You Are Lyrics