Since you came, into my life
I pretend that nothing happens with you and I
And I don't mind if you with another guy
But I know that your heart is within mine
Or is it right?

Since you came into my heart
Your eyes was looking through my eyes
And tells me that you're mine
But why you acting like a slut when you see another guy?
And I can't find what u mean by saying that you're mine

Oh pretty girl why can't you just be a good girl?
So I can hold you hug you kiss you and no one will bothers me
Oh girl I can't stand of what you've did to me
'Cause my heart and my mouth is closed to say to you


I love you from the bottom of my heart
I miss you if you far from my sight
I need you when I'm getting down in my life
But sadly true that you've broke my heart and my whole life
And that is right...
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This Is What I Think About Love Lyrics

Jendral Kantjil – This Is What I Think About Love Lyrics