Won't be it
Can't see it
The things I've had the best
I ever done

I don't get it I don't see
What you've trying to do to me...
I wanna be someone but you don't understand
Seems like it's useless to you but it's alright

I don't get it can't you see
Are you trying to bother me
Don't wanna be a loser
You're making me like that
I can't do that

Coz I won't obey
Won't go away
Coz I've found out
That I can't do what my sisters do

Don't wanna hear you
Don't wanna see your face
I wanna wake up in the morning
Grab a neck like I don't care anyway
I wanna be another person who will never let you down
I wanna try to be a guy
It's just the best I've ever done

If you give me one more chance
Maybe I could stand a chance
So please believe me once more
For I won't let you down
I won't do that
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Ratno Pratama Lyrics

Jendral Kantjil – Ratno Pratama Lyrics