All night long I've been riding riding
I should have been there by now
But these old county roads
Got a lot of deep holes
And the rain keeps pouring down
The bridge is washed out and the rising rising
Waters of the river rush by
And I'm up to my fenders in mud
And to my witness above
I'm really stuck this time

I've got a gold heart locket on a silver chain
Clinched tight in my fist in the pouring rain
And the only road back home again is all but washed away
I'm going to cross that river tonight
No matter what it takes
Although I might die trying
My true love will remain
In a gold heart locket on a silver chain

Open it up and she's lovely lovely
Eyes of hazel green
But I close it up fast
Because the rain gets past
And lays a tear down on her cheek
I promised her once that I would never ever
Break her heart again
So lord take me there in a silent prayer
And her locket in my hand
The last thing I remember
I was fearing for my life
She was calling out my name
From over on the other side
I reached out to hold her
But the break was just too strong
Now the silence just gets colder
As the river rages on
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Gold Heart Locket Lyrics

Jeff Black – Gold Heart Locket Lyrics