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The Takeover Lyrics

Jay Rock – The Takeover Lyrics

Come on, yeah
R-O-C-K runnin' this rap shit
Top Dawg, yeah, we runnin' this rap shit
Thirty days, thirty nights runnin' this rap shit
This the takeover, yeah, I'm runnin' this rap shit
Talk shit, yeah, you might get clapped quick
Man, fuck that, man, let me stop playin' with these niggas

[Verse 1]
This the takeover, my nigga, the wait is over
The game's over, gun range in my Range Rover
I ain't sober, a trunk shot'll lean sideways
A local witness said he flipped off the highway
Catastrophe, if it ain't, it's blasphemy
Killers that blast for me
Bitches that win pageants, they call me Your Majesty
Walk with my pants saggin', puffin' a blunt
Half these niggas ain't half of me
But fuck that, buck back, lay down, this war you ready?
I'm spoken word from a Malcolm X verb, I'm heavy
Feel the wrath of a god emcee
Make it rain thirty songs, that's the god in me
Ain't no guardin' me, this Armageddon for you peasants
I resurrect the rap game after this rhymin' session
I'm a rhymin' ledger, my Ramas'll break depression
Or poppin' a deadly weapon
Or droppin' the top of rappers and droppin' it on the record
Hop in a bubble Lexus
Top Dawg is the future and you lookin' at the Jetsons
I be lookin' at my weapon like "You son of a bitch"
I squeeze one time, you dump out half of the clip
Now, that's a automatic, faggot, get your ammo up
It don't jam, yo, my ammo get Rambo touch
Get your candles and camos, and smoke on up
Jump out your sandals as soon as that van roll up
And "Ow", look what you niggas woke up
A bear with unbearable fight, get your cranium crushed
Titanium bars to bite, turn your teeth into dust, nigga
It's Dennis the Menace, fuck a doctor, call us, nigga
Don't fuck with you fuck-niggas
Fuck with the family, then I'm fuckin' you up, nigga
Tell me what's up, nigga, you dig me? Yeah, strictly
'Bout my paper, throwin' thirties on a scraper
.30-06 complimented by the laser
Paralyze you from the waist down if I graze you, you dig me?
I ride dirty like a bum with lices, that there is priceless
The nicest on these mic devices
Might need both of the mics to (?) where Christ is
A crisis happens after I writes this
A righteous poem been mergin' storms and brightens
The atmosphere with fire, pussy
Gonorrhoea for your vagina, lookee here
Thirty days, thirty nights
Explosives bombin' every hip-hop site, get ready

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