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Parental Advisory Lyrics

Jay Rock – Parental Advisory Lyrics

We all chill, ache, raped up, straight up,
Call for your back up
For we get active
Sharks let of, cars split off
Pistol grip popping the truck
Now they hit off
Youngers out late night, smoking in the out way
Streets ain't fair so watch for the fair play
Niggas like the role play
Stay away from them, they're that type of clowns that will try to do them
And they get you in the room, then see that you're here
Farther ten snitching, that's the new and?
Money talk bullshit, walks a thousand miles
The evidence got lost in the trail now
Back to the bloc, nigga selling rock
Hoers selling coke, running from the cops
Ain't no time like now, ashes full and on top
Niggas ain't wazing up inspire run on spot

Pimping these lose hoers
They pimping on true love
Read banz and get big gaz, from out here
Money, bags and go sense from out here

Pow with it, soak drifted
Eat and? No splitting the flow flipping
Got these nine calls tripping
Call pimping, put this conversation with emotions
That's the whole mission
Look snakes in the shadow slivering
Know the difference between soldiers and citizens
You see them war fetchers on the yard
Do the long stretchers, try to get home and enjoy?
Fuck stress, we could smoke nigga
Run all five extrasendal, nigga east side wise presidential nigga
You see the pyramids on the period, I'm a project paper
Rage out chicken, knew? Crock team?
On making on some? That's consider a miracle
Pimping these lose hoers from out here
They grumping on true love from out here
Real grams for? Money bags and go s** from out here
How out here,
Black tend on the test roster
Hustling like we broke still look for roses
Yeah you don't wanna test and host
I ain't no bullshit, bullshit I'm stepping over
I might be with my old head zipping cold ones
Talking bout the order war
Just don't want beef once I bring ‘em round this corner voice
And shut ‘em down, open and shut like a corner?
Saw the mazes, make a lot of cash
If I'm pressure for taxes
Burn ‘em down the ashes
With some better shit, we ain't try to?
Gotta make better the shit
Yeah, I'm out here and I feel like a duggy
Real la fity, hit the wall and I roab you
I'm in the projects giving the diagnostics
For niggas and the killers on time for our property
I did it all, see it all, know that
Fall from your adage, snop shut and hold that
Code that, jay rock rock city, finales we never for the moment
Look around for the glory days

Pimping these lose hoers
They pimping on true love
Read banz and get big gaz, from out here
Money, bags and go sense from out here
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