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Monologue Lyrics

Jay Prince – Monologue Lyrics

[Hook: Jay Prince & Arima Ederra]
I know what you came for (I know)
Who's knocking at my door

[Verse 1: Jay Prince]
I guess my vision got clearer along the way
So take that bull, bull, out the door and give me all the praise
I've been kicking like I visualize the vigilante side of me
I'm 'bout to be the black Assad if I didn't need your help
You wait sometimes and check on us, but check yourself (better check yourself)
Oh you getting money now homie better check your wealth (better check your wealth)
Better check your well being but check your health
They ain't never stop the killing, we just trying to make a living
What's the difference if we didn't, my nigga oh well
My mama got to live good (live good)
I made a promise I would (I would)
And I made the songs that I should (I should)
And lately been kind of crazy maybe I should
Kick back, relax no rest for the wicked got to stay
Vigilant and stay living, that's true (that's true) and that's true (that's true)
It hurts to see my people worship the worthless
Wether it's money, drugs and bitches know that nobody's perfect
I just push to see a brighter day and make something worth it
Learning my urges I'm on to earning a living that warps it
From the beginning a sinner that made a difference in church
I saw a difference in her, forgiving might be the reasons
For all the actions I took kind of defeated my demons
Each when you reaching the pinnacle of my ceilings I dealt with stress and the healing just tell me what you believe in
Forgiving is the sequence of the reason
For giving up for knowing who your demons
Your mind is always needing all that feeding
I stay awake when everybody's sleeping


[Verse 2: Jay Prince]
I took my time and devised up something worth meaning
On slanted slope I was leaning and feasting on something meaner than hatred I made a statement for basics I'm ona law get you hated so place your bets on me Jason ain't never came from reality
Faithful humanity maybe that's why you're mad at me on some other shit
You told me I was never shit, you fed me all this hopelessness
Imagine growing up with this and losing focus smoking other shit
My homies told me I could hit, straight to the head, straight to the bed, under them covers revealed the truth of the walls they put around me, don't surround what we deswoos, my deed is what I do
Never leave without the truth, never jump to conclusions always conclude, the news is not the truth I prove to be the dude
You lose it when you do (do) all the things you do (do)
You've been acting kind of strange and really man
I know just what you came for, prove to be a shame boy


[Outro: ]

Unfortunately, like, for african brothers man, hip hop is all we got left. We've been striped of everything else. Hip hop is really all we got left, man...if they take this, that's it. Damn serious, it's a wrap

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